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Tips From a High Fashion Model

HerSustainable apparently knows a high fashion model very well. This week she interviewed this model who would rather stay anonymous and asked her to share 5 tips that she has learned on set related to sustainability or simply staying on trend.

The following insider tips came straight from our anon source:

  1. Find the perfect pair of denim to keep in your closet, once you find one or two good pairs then you are doing the best for your look and for your planet. Feel free to splurge on this item.

  2. Invest in nice shoes - you never realize how often shoes can either make or break a look. They truly speak about what a person stands for, styles with, vibes with, etc.

  3. Look into changing your cosmetics to refillable cosmetics. Perfumes such as Louis Vuitton come with a custom bottle and can be filled again and again. Be accountable for your cosmetic footprint.

  4. Always stay hydrated. It is key to good health, good skin, good mood. Find a cute, glass, reusable water bottle that you WANT to carry around. Goodbye Plastic, Hello Hydration. You will GLOW.

  5. Closets are a science. On a day off, take out everything you own. Hang back up the things you wear. The things that get neglected....take a closer look. How can you turn that old sweater into what is trending? Think Sweater Vest - a huge trend right now. Cut off the sleeves and WOW you have something that you now love. Before you go out and buy more, repurpose. Your closet is like a cat - it has 7 lives OR more if you are really good at being creative.


She also shared her favorite sustainable brands of today:

  1. Reformation (for almost anything, basics to dresses)

  2. Habit Cosmetics (for their zero waste products)

  3. Aveda (for reliable natural haircare)

  4. Adidas by Stella McCartney (sustainable activewear go to)

  5. Re/done (for a sustainable denim option)

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