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The HerHomeEdit (Part I - The Kitchen)

Your space feeds your energy, your health, your relationships.

These three things: energy, health, and relationships are often neglected as life around us seems to always be in fast mode. However, these three things deserve to be nurtured. One simple way to nurture the most important things in our life is to design, fill, supply our home with products that support us and support the planet.

I will say it over and over again. Harmony between humans and earth will lead to significant benefits in health, energy, and prosperity. Home should be your safe space, the place of peace, a space of rest, and uniquely yours.

Today, I am here to simplify the home edit process for you.

Below are links to current cleaning products, decor, kitchen products, etc. that are staples in my sustainable edited home kitchen.

Cleaning Edit...

For a Clean Scent..

I recommend Pura Plug In Diffusers. These are great alternative to chemical containing air mists and plug ins. These Diffusers are made with clean ingredients and are refillable. The refill allows us to reduce plastic consumption and move toward less consumption as we buy only when we need, what we need (the refill oil).

For a Clean Paper Towel:

Reusable Paper Towels (the most ideal)

1) Seedling by Grove

Made with 100 % bamboo, absorbent, low waste, washable.

Why bamboo? Bamboo is a more sustainable material to source paper towels with in comparison to typical materials. Bamboo

2) Papaya Reusables

Made with Antibacterial, Compostable, and Aesthetic Patterns

In fact, one Papaya Cloth can replace 17 paper rolls. How crazy is that?

Let's Talk Leftovers...

In the kitchen, food storage can be one quick, somewhat inexpensive, accessible swap that can be done and will be used!

Here are my quick swaps

1) Plastic Wrap --> Beeswax Wrap or Reusable Stretchable Plastic Covers

2) Ziploc Bags --> Stasher Bags

3) Glad Containers --> Pyrex or other Glass Storage Containers

Overall, the kitchen can be a great place to start sustainable transitions. These items are relatively inexpensive and will last you. Think about never having to haul home those paper towels or attempting to make a DIY ziploc bag to put into your fridge with the leftovers.

These swaps are investments. They may cost you a few extra cents on the first time around, but over time you will not need to buy so much. Less frequent and high cost can quickly equal or become less than "frequent and low cost".

Sustainable Swaps are all about mindset, letting the value of time make your products budget friendly, and seeing how chic your kitchen can become.

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